Safety Inspections

Know before you go!

vehicle safety inspection

Heading out on a road trip or purchasing a used vehicle?  Our certified mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle, detailing what repairs may be needed to keep you driving safely. 

Customers interested in purchasing used vehicles have negotiated much lower prices after scheduling our 50-Point Safety Inspection.  Our certified mechanics will test drive your vehicle, place it on a hoist, and inspect all major components of the vehicle.  We provide you with a detailed report of your vehicle's current condition.

In a hurry and need a fast inspection?  Our 20-Point Safety Inspection offers a convenient check of your vehicle’s fluids, belts, hoses, filters, battery, alternator, starter, undercarriage, tire pressure, light bulbs, as well as any needed “check engine” light scan.  This inspection is included in our signature full service oil change, or available separately.  



Our certified mechanics provide recommendations you can trust, ensuring your drive is a safe one.  

Call 248-373-0086 to schedule your vehicle safety inspection.