Oil Change Service

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Proper engine lubrication is essential for peak vehicle performance and longer engine life. Severe driving conditions – frequent short trips and driving over dusty dirt roads – require more frequent oil changes. As a general rule, conventional oil change service is recommended every three months or 3,000 miles. Using synthetic grade oil can extend the time/mileage between oil changes. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for recommended service schedule and oil grade requirements.

Our signature oil change service includes a comprehensive multi-point safety inspection consisting of the following:

  • Drain old engine oil
  • Install new oil filter
  • Add new premium-grade oil – your choice of more than 14 brands
  • Lubricate chassis and driveline, if necessary
  • Inspect vehicle undercarriage
  • Inspect condition of front and rear differential fluids, if applicable
  • Inspect fuel filter condition, if applicable
  • Inspect engine air filter – complete line of air filters available
  • Inspect interior cabin air filters
  • Check the battery
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check light bulbs
  • Monitor “check engine lights,” and perform a scan if needed
  • Check all vehicle fluids and fill if necessary: transmission, radiator, brake, battery, power steering, windshield solvent
  • Check tire pressure, and adjust if necessary
  • Check wiper blades
  • Lubricate vehicle door hinges, if necessary
  • Reset oil life monitor


To go the extra mile, we do not charge extra for 5w20 grade motor oils or 4x4 service.

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More Than 14 Premium Oil Brands Available!

Unlike other shops that limit you to one "mystery oil," we give you a choice. We carry a wide range of premium motor oils including:


Castrol oil

Chevron oil Kendal oil

Mobil 1 oil


Quaker State oil

Royal Purple synthetic oil

Shell oil Valvoline


Wolf's Head oil

And many others...

No appointment necessary. Drive in for your fast oil change service today!

Computerized to Serve you Better!

Our computer system keeps an accurate record of your vehicle’s service history so you don’t have to.  Need a missing service receipt?  We’ve got it, along with many other great features: 

  • Stay Organized - Your vehicle's service history on file and up-to-date.
  • Drive Safer - Up-to-the-second manufacturer alerts & service recommendations.
  • Go Green - Receipts & reminders via e-mail.
  • Increase Resale Value - Your service history provides value when linked to CARFAX.
  • The new window stickers are great, too.

From one of our customers:

"To Quality Lube Oil and Auto Center,

I was a routine customer of Quality Lube for several years and brought the cars that I owned in for oil changes and other work.

My last car was a chevy cavalier 2009.  I just recently bought a newer car and have moved out of southeastern Michigan to northern Michigan.  Quality Lube was awesome! I enjoyed taking my car there and the mechanics were very helpful and efficient.

I will miss taking my car there for oil changes.  I will try hard to tell many people that I know in south eastern mi about Quality Lube.

Thank you for your great service!"