Belts, Hoses, and Pulleys

Belt replacement is critical to avoid breakdowns and costly repairs

In addition to mechanical linkages and electrical wiring, the components of a vehicle are often connected by belts, hoses, and pulleys.  With age, heat exposure, and increased mileage, rubber hoses and belts become hard and brittle.

Maintaining your vehicle’s serpentine belt is essential. This long, snaking belt plays an important role in operating your power steering pump, alternator, air conditioning, and in some vehicles, your water pump.  In most cases, if your belt breaks, your vehicle will not run and severe damage to components may occur.

We recommend regularly inspecting your belt for signs of aging and deterioration, such as cracking, fraying, and glazing. A slipping or squealing belt may also indicate that a repair is needed.

Belt inspections are always included in our full service oil change.  A full line of belts  are always in stock.



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