Fuel System

Maintain your fuel system for peak performance

Your fuel system works to move gasoline or diesel fuel from your fuel tank to your engine. Fuel combines with air and, with the help of fuel injectors, fuel is sprayed into the cylinder chambers and is ignited by a spark.  This burst of energy powers your engine and keeps your vehicle on the move.  

In most vehicles, the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank.  Your fuel pump helps move fuel from your tank to the engine via fuel lines.  Before this fuel is pumped out to your engine, your fuel filter is working to screen out particles and contaminants that can clog the engine’s fuel system. 

Maintaining your vehicle’s fuel system is essential!  Stop in for fuel filter replacement or a fuel system cleaning today.

throttle body fuel system

Throttle body with and without deposits

throttle body fuel system

Stop in for the following fuel system services today:

  • Fuel filter replacement – every 25,000-36,000 miles
  • Fuel injector, throttle body, intake cleaning

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